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Data Breach Prevention by Certified Information Privacy
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What we Provide:

  1. Experienced Guidance in Safeguarding PII & PHI
  2. Enterprise-Wide Risk Assessment & Prevention Process*
  3. Comprehensive Privacy Training
  4. End of Contract Management
  5. Complete Privacy Compliance and Certification (HIPAA/HITECH / Red Flags, etc)
  6. Expert Guidance in creating WISPs (Written Information Security Policies)
  7. Holistic Approach in Breach Prevention and Remediation
  8. Red Flags – Immediate compliance and support
  9. Establish Exemptions to Data Breach Notification Laws
  10. Independent 3rd-Party Data Privacy Auditing
  11. Retained Privacy Officer
  12. Consulting Services
  13. Homeowners Private Information Risk Prevention Plan
  14. Speaking Engagements
  15. Expert Witness Support  

Contact us at: jmcgroup@roadrunner.com / (805)230-2545

We also offer:

Self-Guided Prevention Manual * For smaller organizations with limited resources, JMC introduces our Self-Guided Prevention Manual that is effective and reasonably priced. (As an employee benefit – Victim Survival Guide included)
Learn More About Our Prevention Manual
Taking action today to reduce your threat of privacy data breaches and workplace identity theft is smart business.

With the help of the Privacy Professionals at JMC Privacy Consulting, you can tell your employees, customers, clients, students, business partners, stakeholders, law enforcement, the media, and whoever, that you have taken all reasonable prevention steps to reduce the risk of workplace privacy data breaches. Should a breach happen, you can describe how you were pro-active in trying to prevent the incident, and you will be ready to respond quickly, with confidence and clarity.


JMC’s Privacy Data Breach Prevention approach helps your organization implement state-of-the-art best practices to reduce or eliminate privacy breach and identity theft risks and provide numerous prevention benefits:

  • Comprehensive Risk Assessment and Breach Prevention Process
  • Comprehensive Privacy Training
  • Significantly Reduce Breach Notification Exposure
  • Exemption to Data Breach Notification Laws
  • Complete HIPAA & HITECH compliance for Covered Entities, Business Associates and Subcontractors
  • WISPs (Written Information Security Policies)
  • Red Flags Compliance
  • Protection of Your Organization’s Reputation & Public Image
  • Mitigate your Liability for Workplace Identity Theft
  • Reduced Risk of Substantial Jury Awards
  • Reduced Risk of Regulatory Penalties
  • Established Best Practices, Prevention Policies and Procedures
  • Initiate rapid audit execution with minimal client personnel disruption
  • Reduce or control insurance premiums
  • Substantiation of commitment to workplace identity theft risk reduction
  • Inventory of Personal Identity Information repositories
  • Rapid and effective event response capability
  • Enhanced response to regulatory or legal actions
  • Increased employee, customer and partner confidence
  • Reduced opportunity for business interruption
  • Reduce need of employee time to resolve identity theft issues
  • Avoid a negative impact on morale
  • Certification that compliance and data privacy risks and are addressed


What JMC’s Privacy Professionals Can Do for You:

1. Comprehensive On-Site Prevention Process * (With HIPAA/HiTECH, Red Flags Compliance & Certification)

JMC provides a fresh set of eyes catching those blind spots of personal identity information that organizations may have overlooked in their efforts to safeguard privacy data.

We provide organizations with a user friendly, turn key assessment and prevention process with condition specificïc recommendations and tools in order to reduce the risk of privacy data breaches.

* Including Pre-Compliance Guidance for Breach Disclosure Notifications; and,  as an added employee benefit, the process also includes a Victim Survival Guide, to aid employees, customers, students, etc. who may become an identity theft victim (credit monitoring, free fraud alerts, etc.)

This virtually painless, PATENT-PENDING approach considers all physical and digital forms of personal identity information that may be acquired from employees, customers, clients, patients, members, students, vendors, contractors and third parties.

The process utilizes a comprehensive and objective view of how a company Acquires, Accesses, Utilizes, Transmits, Stores, and Disposes of personal identity information.

JMC then delivers personalized recommendations and tools to help a company take all reasonable steps to reduce the risk of workplace privacy data breaches.

Your organization will be able to immediately locate and identify those risks that could lead to identity theft, and then prioritize which of those risks need the most attention – right now.

The recommendations and guidance delivered by JMC will provide effective, real time solutions to eliminate those risks.

*see below for more details

JMC also provides state-of-the-art, practical, user-friendly deliverables that will streamline the tasks involved to be prepared for a privacy breach incident.

2. Privacy Training

JMC provides guidance and assistance to organizations intent on educating and instructing their personnel in the prevention of data breaches


3. Independent Consulting / Auditing Services / Retained Privacy Officer

JMC facilitates Compliance with Red Flags / Mandatory Audits / Review of policies and procedures for employees’ and contractors’ use of personal identity information.

4. Consulting Services

JMC provides organizations with expert assistance in crafting policies, best practices, etc. and identity theft prevention compliance in all areas and organizational environs. If your organization deals with personal identity information in any way – JMC’s Privacy Professionals can help.

5. Homeowners Risk Prevention Plan *

Executed and delivered in-person by our expert staff, this process was designed by JMC for households with at least one staff who may have unauthorized, yet ready access to a family’s personal identity information:

  • nannies
  • house cleaners
  • butlers
  • chauffeurs
  • cooks
  • window washers
  • maintenance personnel
  • gardeners
  • pool service

* ID Theft Victim Survival Guide included

6. Speaking Engagements

JMC can provide informative lectures and presentations applicable to all groups and associations interested in the prevention of Workplace Identity Theft

7. Expert Witness Support

Our patent-pending risk assessment approach provides effective framework for legal discovery and case analysis


* More about JMC’s
Comprehensive On-Site Prevention Process:

The Process

The JMC Process is a proprietary series of instruments we use to systematically and efficiently audit the policies, premises, and procedures regarding personal identity information in your organization. This patent-pending approach was developed to systematically uncover and document areas of potential workplace identity theft risk, while limiting the time commitment of your staff and disruption to your organization. A typical engagement involves 1 – 2 of your personnel with an average audit interview being conducted in 1 hour. That’s right, no task force developments, no team building, no project planning. JMC Consulting Group’s Privacy Professionals provide it to you.

What You Get

The aim is to identify your company as Certified, and JMC will document that your organization has successfully completed the Process and actively implemented steps to reduce the risk of workplace identity theft. When completed, your organization will receive a state-of-the-art report describing the workplace identity theft risks that have been identified, along with a comprehensive set of recommendations for risk reduction. The recommendations are stratified both by the level of risk and the ability to address those risks.

Your organization will also receive JMC’s comprehensive prevention manual about workplace identity theft, along with practical tools to educate your personnel, and respond to a workplace identity theft incident, should one occur.


JMC’s Privacy Professionals are committed to helping your organization reduce the risks of workplace privacy data breaches. We stand ready to help you enhance your information privacy risk management policies and practices.

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