What our Clients are Saying about JMC’s Privacy Data Protection / Workplace Identity Theft Prevention Services:

“We were very pleased with all of the services provided by JMC. It was exactly what we needed in dealing with risk assessment and guidance in preventing privacy data breaches.”
Lauren Cosentino, Associate V.P. Human Resources, Insurance & Risk
Pepperdine University

* * *

“JMC Consulting’s Prevention Process made us more aware of the risks involved with workplace privacy data breaches. The prevention steps and deliverables make us confident in the protection of personal identity information for employees and patients alike.”
John C. Twomey, R.P.T., President, Pro Therapy, Inc.

* * *

“We knew privacy data breaches could be a problem. But we didn’t realize just how serious it was until we underwent the JMC Prevention Process. It really opened our eyes to the risks of data breaches and identity theft that exist in every business.”
David W. Hicke, President , Di‑Tec, Inc.

* * *

“The JMC Prevention Process created awareness for all our personnel on the seriousness of privacy breaches, thus creating a need to implement systems to secure all confidential information. It really opened our eyes to the risks of workplace identity theft that exist in the business world today.”
Irene Agnew, President, Agnew Tech‑II, Inc.

* * *

“As a company, we already had some policy and procedures in place regarding privacy data breaches in the workplace. But I was surprised to learn how many different ways we could improve upon our efforts to prevent workplace identity theft. JMC’s asessment process and recommendations were easy to implement and have provided us with the confidence that our company is doing its part to limit the risks to privacy data.”
Gloria Lopez, Administration Director – Sunbird Industries, Inc.


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